Saturday, 8 October 2011

You can run away with me anytime you want.

Heyy Guys and Girls :)

Okay so yesterday Effy, Coley and I decided to do some well earned shopping as we have been working really hard at college. So we went into town and went straight to H&M

Little note books Effy and I bought to keep track of our diets :) £1.50 each

Little pack of stud earrings Effy bought £1,99

We both bought ANOTHER lipgloss £0.99 each. We couldn't resists as the design was so pretty and H&M lips gloss is always great

I bought a little tee £6.99

Effy bought an amazing Doors tee £9.99 its beautiful!

Effy also bough a little cute green bag £9.99

After H&M, Coley had to go home but Effy and I continued shopping and went to New Look.

I bought this beautiful little bunny necklace for £2.00

Close up :)

Effy and I also bought a bra each
Mines is at the top £3.00
Effys £4.00

We also bought this wrapping paper :)

After New Look we nipped into our favourite shop "Urban Outfitters"  and Effy bought a make up bag.

Carpet bag-ish make up bag £5 :)

We then met up with my big sister who was at college and we all went into primark.

My big sister bought Effy and I a pair of slippers £3 each mine are the pink and Effy's are the Red and blue :)

Hanging shelf compartments for in our wardrobe as we have so much clothes £4

A strawberry bon bon flavoured candle £1.50

A make up bag I bought for myself £2.50

We also went into Boots, TK max, Starbucks and ASDA on the way home

The no7 nail varnish we bought for £2 with a voucher in boots :) in Light brown

The massive Halloween snow globe we bought out of   TK max for only £7!! its absolutely beautiful and it plays the tune to "ding dong the witch is dead"

Effys Classic hot chocolate from starbucks :)

My strawberry and cream frappuccino :)

Last but not least the Ella & Rose body scrub from ASDA £2.00

Well my dears that's all, I have spent so much over the last couple of days haha :)

Emilie xox

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