Friday, 21 October 2011

Witches work only with magic

Hello dolls :)

Okay so I have been really busy with college and stuff, learning lines, the usual y'know. Anyway I usually always know when my favourite bands are playing here in Glasgow but as I haven't been on the laptop unless its for college reason I haven't been able to do my nosey. So last week I got and email telling me about an upcoming gig for THE VIEW! like one of my all time favourite bands! But me being me had already spent my money D: so I was so gutted and to top it all off the tickets were going on sale the next day! which meant they would have sold out by the time I got paid! Then I heard my mum and older sister chatting in the next room and I went in to investigate and they told myself and Effy that they would buy us a ticket each for Christmas :D!!! We are so bloody happy! like you have no idea!!

Myself and Effy's tickets :D <3

Up close :) x

I cannot wait till the gig and hope it is just as amazing as last time :D

Emilie xox

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