Tuesday, 11 October 2011

This weeks Avon haul!

Hello dears,

just a quick little blog to show and tell you about what I bought from this weeks avon :)

Everything that we bought, with a total of about £14.10 :)

Sleep therapy - Goodnight pillow mist

( this stuff is amazing and does actually help to relax you before bed )

Sleep Therapy - Dreamy body wash

Daily hair refresher - cherry blossom

Pomegranate and mango body lotion

Skin so soft - perfecting oil

Barbie cologne spray

Out of its box. This smells amazing by the way! and also the bottle is so cute!!!!

Well that was myself and Effy's little avon haul. We are pleased with the stuff we bought, its all so lovely.

Emilie xox


  1. I just purchased items from Avon! I can't wait to get them! I must have missed that Barbie perfume!


  2. That sleep therapy stuff sounds great! I think I need to give that a try!


  3. Brittany Elaine - Aww exciting stuff babes :D I am always so excited to get my order :D

    inmyhansonshirt - Aw its amazing babe! I used the pillow mist the other night and it actually really helped relax me before I went to sleep :D

    Emilie xox