Friday, 7 October 2011

Tell everyone in the place just to get out, We'll get clean together.

Hello my babes :)

Okay so as you all know Effy, Coley and myself were all house sitting last weekend and it was rather fun might i say! We basically spent the whole weekend watching chick flicks and painting our nails. It was a proper girlie weekend. We had a blast though and danced about the house with our ipods blaring :)
Here is some photos of our weekend and what we bought!

All of our stuff unpacked on the bed :)

and again :)

Me before we went to town :) x

what we bought :)

our face masks form H&M

Some little bits and bobs x

Company :)

Willow <3

Messy sleeping :) D'awww

Messy watching me :)

and again x

The presents Frances ( my aunty ) bought us :)

the beautiful hand soaps x


The bar of soap that smells like grape fruit

Well that was basically our weekend which was a well deserved lazy one haha

Love you all

Emilie xox

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