Friday, 21 October 2011

Last night's parties and last night's heart

Hey my little dolls x

Okay so just a little review of what I have been doing over the October break.

Okay so remember last week's blog when i showed you all the lovely bedding I bought well it is even more lovely out of the wrapping :) after gutting my room as per usual I spread my new bedding and it was beautiful.

Here is a little photograph of it, freshly made :)
It is so comfortable as well!

Also as I told you all last week Myself and Effy ordered our dance shoes for college. Well they finally arrived, thank goodness! I was beginning to think they had gotten lost in the post :O So they arrived and I opened they up straight away and might I tell you it was bloody difficult to get the open. But they are lovely and they fit perfectly.

The box they came it :)

Them open :D x

They are so comfortable and I love the split soles

The shoe box

The catalogue that came with them :)

Okay so I have been trying out different hair styles recently and I must admit, I do think I suit this one best :)

So that's pretty much it guys and girls, Oh but today I dyed all the blonde out my hair so I am offically back to brown :D

Emilie xox