Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Do what you want.

Hello my chers!

Okay so today myself, Effy, my big sister Nicole and my father all went to EK shopping centre as my college finally decided to pay me. So I had £100 to spare and spend on what I pleased, so here is what I bought :)

What I was wearing - The tee I bought in H&M last week :)

I bought this blouse in New Look for £8 :D

Effy bought this cardigan for £5.99 with her H&M voucher

I bought this pink and grey ( I know it looks all grey D: ) cardigan from H&M For £15.99 with my H&M voucher :D

The underwear we bought from TopShop, Effy's on the left, Mine on the right. £2.00 each

Effys cameos from TopShop £1.50

The gold rose hops I bought from TopShop £1.50

The little diamonds we bought for our dressing table £0.99 from B&M stores

The diamonds open

New bedding from B&M stores £12.00 each

A closer photo

After Shopping Effy and I went to see my Gran and had a little gab :)

A really bad photo of us all :) xx

So that was basically our day :) how was all of your days ?

Love x

Emilie xox


  1. You got some really great stuff! I love that New Look top! It is so cute!


  2. Aw thanks babe :) yeah I love it too :D

    Emilie xox