Friday, 21 October 2011

Last night's parties and last night's heart

Hey my little dolls x

Okay so just a little review of what I have been doing over the October break.

Okay so remember last week's blog when i showed you all the lovely bedding I bought well it is even more lovely out of the wrapping :) after gutting my room as per usual I spread my new bedding and it was beautiful.

Here is a little photograph of it, freshly made :)
It is so comfortable as well!

Also as I told you all last week Myself and Effy ordered our dance shoes for college. Well they finally arrived, thank goodness! I was beginning to think they had gotten lost in the post :O So they arrived and I opened they up straight away and might I tell you it was bloody difficult to get the open. But they are lovely and they fit perfectly.

The box they came it :)

Them open :D x

They are so comfortable and I love the split soles

The shoe box

The catalogue that came with them :)

Okay so I have been trying out different hair styles recently and I must admit, I do think I suit this one best :)

So that's pretty much it guys and girls, Oh but today I dyed all the blonde out my hair so I am offically back to brown :D

Emilie xox

Witches work only with magic

Hello dolls :)

Okay so I have been really busy with college and stuff, learning lines, the usual y'know. Anyway I usually always know when my favourite bands are playing here in Glasgow but as I haven't been on the laptop unless its for college reason I haven't been able to do my nosey. So last week I got and email telling me about an upcoming gig for THE VIEW! like one of my all time favourite bands! But me being me had already spent my money D: so I was so gutted and to top it all off the tickets were going on sale the next day! which meant they would have sold out by the time I got paid! Then I heard my mum and older sister chatting in the next room and I went in to investigate and they told myself and Effy that they would buy us a ticket each for Christmas :D!!! We are so bloody happy! like you have no idea!!

Myself and Effy's tickets :D <3

Up close :) x

I cannot wait till the gig and hope it is just as amazing as last time :D

Emilie xox

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Do what you want.

Hello my chers!

Okay so today myself, Effy, my big sister Nicole and my father all went to EK shopping centre as my college finally decided to pay me. So I had £100 to spare and spend on what I pleased, so here is what I bought :)

What I was wearing - The tee I bought in H&M last week :)

I bought this blouse in New Look for £8 :D

Effy bought this cardigan for £5.99 with her H&M voucher

I bought this pink and grey ( I know it looks all grey D: ) cardigan from H&M For £15.99 with my H&M voucher :D

The underwear we bought from TopShop, Effy's on the left, Mine on the right. £2.00 each

Effys cameos from TopShop £1.50

The gold rose hops I bought from TopShop £1.50

The little diamonds we bought for our dressing table £0.99 from B&M stores

The diamonds open

New bedding from B&M stores £12.00 each

A closer photo

After Shopping Effy and I went to see my Gran and had a little gab :)

A really bad photo of us all :) xx

So that was basically our day :) how was all of your days ?

Love x

Emilie xox

This weeks Avon haul!

Hello dears,

just a quick little blog to show and tell you about what I bought from this weeks avon :)

Everything that we bought, with a total of about £14.10 :)

Sleep therapy - Goodnight pillow mist

( this stuff is amazing and does actually help to relax you before bed )

Sleep Therapy - Dreamy body wash

Daily hair refresher - cherry blossom

Pomegranate and mango body lotion

Skin so soft - perfecting oil

Barbie cologne spray

Out of its box. This smells amazing by the way! and also the bottle is so cute!!!!

Well that was myself and Effy's little avon haul. We are pleased with the stuff we bought, its all so lovely.

Emilie xox

Saturday, 8 October 2011

You can run away with me anytime you want.

Heyy Guys and Girls :)

Okay so yesterday Effy, Coley and I decided to do some well earned shopping as we have been working really hard at college. So we went into town and went straight to H&M

Little note books Effy and I bought to keep track of our diets :) £1.50 each

Little pack of stud earrings Effy bought £1,99

We both bought ANOTHER lipgloss £0.99 each. We couldn't resists as the design was so pretty and H&M lips gloss is always great

I bought a little tee £6.99

Effy bought an amazing Doors tee £9.99 its beautiful!

Effy also bough a little cute green bag £9.99

After H&M, Coley had to go home but Effy and I continued shopping and went to New Look.

I bought this beautiful little bunny necklace for £2.00

Close up :)

Effy and I also bought a bra each
Mines is at the top £3.00
Effys £4.00

We also bought this wrapping paper :)

After New Look we nipped into our favourite shop "Urban Outfitters"  and Effy bought a make up bag.

Carpet bag-ish make up bag £5 :)

We then met up with my big sister who was at college and we all went into primark.

My big sister bought Effy and I a pair of slippers £3 each mine are the pink and Effy's are the Red and blue :)

Hanging shelf compartments for in our wardrobe as we have so much clothes £4

A strawberry bon bon flavoured candle £1.50

A make up bag I bought for myself £2.50

We also went into Boots, TK max, Starbucks and ASDA on the way home

The no7 nail varnish we bought for £2 with a voucher in boots :) in Light brown

The massive Halloween snow globe we bought out of   TK max for only £7!! its absolutely beautiful and it plays the tune to "ding dong the witch is dead"

Effys Classic hot chocolate from starbucks :)

My strawberry and cream frappuccino :)

Last but not least the Ella & Rose body scrub from ASDA £2.00

Well my dears that's all, I have spent so much over the last couple of days haha :)

Emilie xox