Monday, 26 September 2011

Your smile is like a breath of spring, Your voice is soft like summer rain

Hello darlings (:

Okay just a quick little blog to keep you all updated on my weekend lol
So as you all know on a Sunday night I visit my Granny in hospital and she was looking great thank goodness, but anyway when we were there my Aunty Frances was discussing what we should do for my big sister's 21st which is in November. We decided to have an all nighter party at an amazing bar which has a great little live band ( I cannot remember the name of either haha :O!! ) So myself and Effy are extremely excited about that and can't wait to but a new outfit for it :D

Oh! also my amazing aunty Frances was bought a Chanel lip gloss for her Christmas but she wasn't to keen on the colour and she asked myself and Effy if we wanted it because she knows we ADORE Chanel , so of course we were delighted! and it is so gorgeous and suits us perfectly!

The beautiful wrapping :D

Cute little bag!

Lipgloss packaging

Beautiful glittery pink colour x

The tissue paper has little Chanel logos all over it :)

The top of the lipgloss x

Well that's all guys <3

Emilie xox  


  1. What a beautiful color! I love Chanel lip glosses! They're so creamy and rich. Congrats!

    Love the blog!!

  2. Aw thanks babe! yeah its amazing! and same :)
    thank you :)
    Emilie xox