Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Same place, different time? That's how I feel everyday.

Hello darlings!

Okay so today I went to EK ( a shopping centre ) with Effy and Coley, we didn't have a lot of money but we did have enough to get a few things. So first we went to Starbucks as we haven't had one is ages, plus we needed a good ol' catch up :D

I know i look stoned haha
I got my usual "Raspberry Blended Juice Drink"

Effy got a "Classic Hot Chocolate"

And Coley also got a "Classic Hot Chocolate"

After we had a great time in Starbucks, we decided to starting shopping! We went into primark first and had a little gander around but didn't see anything, then I spotted the most amazing!!!! bag and had to have it!

Its a floral patterned carpet bag! its amazing!

I love the inside and how it keeps it shape :D

After primark, we went into a few random shops then we went into superdrug and Effy and I bought Barry M Nail varnish and Effy bout a cute little bag!

Barry M instant nail effects nail paint £3.99 in pastel blue :)

The bag Effy got for £1.99! its actually really big and is so pretty!

We lastly went into Topshop <3 and went straight to the underwear! and Effy and I bought a pair each and Coley bout a few pairs

They were only £2.00 each :)

Mine :)

Effys :)

The pretty bow on the back of mine :D

We also bought ear rings each
Mine on the left and Effys on the right :)

We headed home after that as we had some studying to do (n)

Coley and I on the bus home :) xxx

Myself, Coley and Effy <3 xxx

So thats it guys, hope you all enjoyed your long weekend

Love you x

Emilie xox


  1. cute photos! you got great stuff.


  2. That bag that Effy got is AMAZING. Looks like you guys had a fun weekend!

  3. Yeah its awesome and yeah we did :D

    Emilie xox