Saturday, 24 September 2011

Looking for a prize but I don’t want blood.

Hello my darlings (:

I know it had been ages since I last blogged, but I swear to you I have been super busy with college and learning lines and stuff. I have a busy life! But anyway in-between these busy times, I have been doing a good bit of spending on things I really shouldn't be buying :D

So last Friday I spent the entire day learning a 3 page duologue, which doesn't sound like a lot but is actually tons of lines D: !! Then later on in the day I went to visit my Gran in hospital and she was looking good, and we all had a good little chat. After that we went to ASDA for a few things and my big sister ended up treating us to some little cute things.

The pink studded sunglasses I got (: x

The Glasses from the side (:

The cute little leaf earrings Effy got :) x

Effy and I before the hospital ( I look a mess D: )

So basically that was all I did on Friday, T'was a great little day :)

Love you guys xxx

Emilie xox

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