Saturday, 24 September 2011

Avon Purchases.

Okay my darlings,

So I wanted to show you all my lovely purchases from this months Avon, which I have to stop doing because I have far too much make up!!! Anyway here is what Effy and I bought.

All of our goodies :)

First we bought a colour trend lip stick in sparkle shine and a Christmas care lip balm which is so cute!

Our lip stick, which is shaped as a heart

Then we bought a Dark brow glimmer stick eye brow pencil which works wonders!

Our glimmer stick x

Last but not least our amazing country rose beauty compartment holder which is absolutely beautiful and sits perfectly on our dressing table :)  

So that was everything we bought and we have ordered from the next magazine also, no wonder we never have an money! lol 

Emilie xox 

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