Sunday, 4 September 2011

At the crossroads a second time, Make the devil change his mind

Hello Again! :)

Yesterday Myself and Effy planned on going into town just to get a few things, But then Coley text and asked if we still wanted to go out together. So we all eventually decided to go to EK which is a decent sized shopping centre. When we arrived there we just went into all the shops looking for random things to buy. We came to this pound shop and as we needed to get a few cheap things for college so we went in and usually i hate pound shops but this one was pretty decent as everything was organised. So we all got coloured pencils, make up sponges and some pens.

30 make up sponges! for my theatrical make up class at college. They are all different shapes and sizes.

5 handwriting pens.

Coloured pencils for my theatrical make up class at college.

After That we headed into more shops. We decided to go into WH Smith as we all needed folders for college. It took us ages to pick but we finally decided.

Effy bought this pink one. It was only £1:09 :)

I bought this pink polka dot one, it was £1:49 :)

We headed up the top of the shopping centre, where the better shops are and went into TopShop and then H&M. We headed straight for the jewellery and I spotted these amazing rings which match my Urban Outfitters stag and bunny earrings. They are absolutely beautiful! and they only cost £5:99 for 4!!!

This is the rings <3 they are stunning! :D

A stag one! My favourite xx

A bunny one! Effy's Favourite

A Fox one! Which is absolutely stunning :D

An owl one! Which we gave to my Big sister Nicole as she loves Owls

After we finished looking at the jewellery we headed over to the make up where we spent ages deciding
what we were going to get haha

The pearl lip gloss I bought for £1:99. Its so cute and tastes amazing!

The red lips gloss Effy bought which also tastes amazing! It was only £0:99

When we were paying for out stuff we picked up this free magazine. Its really good :)

After a long day of shopping Myself, Effy and Coley decided to go to the Cinema as we haven't been is ages! We had all been wanted to see "Fright Night" as the trailer looked amazing! So we waited in the que to get the tickets and as we were waiting this nice woman turned around and gave us these ticket vouchers for 40% off on any ticket. We were shocked and so grateful to her, she was lovely! so we bought our tickets and took our seat. The hall was practically empty there was only about 5 people there which was great. The movie was so amazing and funny yet scary also. We all LOVED it and cant wait to get it on DVD :D <3.

Our tickets and 3D glasses receipt.

The voucher the woman gave us :) x

After getting home quite late, Myself and Effy's shoes had arrived :D very quickly might I add!! So we unwrapped them and tried them on and once again they felt perfect! <3

Effy's Tan Boots <3

My beautiful boots <3 x

And Effys again <3

My boots again <3 x

The ring my big sister bought me :D

Effy wearing the ring xx

Myself ( left ) and Effy ( Right ) <3

So yeah guys that was my Saturday in a nutshell haha :) It was a pretty amazing day <3


Emilie xox


  1. I love that stag ring! I love craxy random rings! Follow back!? ;)

  2. Aw thanks babe xxx yeah of course xxxxx

    Emilie xox

  3. Accessories are very lovely!
    The lip gloss of a shell is great.
    I also want <3

  4. Thanks babe :) yeah it tastes amazing too haha xxx