Monday, 8 August 2011

What a wonderful day!!

Hello Everyone!!!!

Okay so I am actually on cloud nine for once and it feels great to feel happy for a change!
So today started with myself and Effy going to the doctors early which I was absolutely dying at, and i don't know why but for some strange reason, every time I have to go to the doctors I start to get theses knots in my stomach!!! Its horrible. Anyways, the doctor was really lovely and helpful but I couldn't help feeling he was giving Effy and I, a lecture on not eating properly as we are vegetarians! Its not our fault we don't eat meat...Goodness! So he prescribed some Iron and multi vitamins for us to try and get healthier which we have to take everyday and by the way....THEY BLOODY STINK!!.

Sorry the image is a bit blurry D:

So After the Doctors, Myself, Effy and my Mother went into town in search of books! We came across the little second hand book shop on Victoria Road, so we went in and straight away I found the book I have been searching for, for ages! "On The Road - Jack Kerouac" and it only cost me £2.49.. BARGAIN!
I also bought the first two books in the "Vampire Diaries" series.

I am so glad I got that cover for On The Road <3

After town Myself, Effy and my Father went a little trip to ASDA to get a few little things. We bought Company Magazine, Make up wipes, pomegranate vitality bars, and a strawberry starbucks drink (:  

Lastly, on the way home, we dropped into Coley's house to say hello and collect our Avon :D
we had ordered some nail varnishes and my mother got some brushes.

These our our nail varnishes, the are all pastel colours, except the pink one on its own, which is pearl shine!

These are the brushes my mother ordered (:

OH! and my amazing and lovely best friend Coley left a little "Well done on passing your exams" card in the avaon bag for myself and Effy, This actually made my day :D I love her sooo much xxxxx

Oh and as I forgot to blog yesterday, here is what I bought while in town. "Bump Its" which help to keep quiffs in your hair and I bought Effy and myself a black jumper for college.

These are the Bump Its Which I got from pound land!!!!

Sorry this blog was so bloody long, but I wanted to share my amazing day with all you sweet dears!
and P.s I am doing very well on my diet :D


Emilie xxxx


  1. company, a magazine i read a lot!
    lovely blog i have followed:) xxxx

  2. Those pastel nail colors are really pretty.

  3. Shoeshefashion - Yeah its awesome! but I must admit I prefer Cosmo and Vogue, and thank you! i will follow back xxxx

    Sarah - aw thank you, they are indeed :D xxxxx

    Emilie xox