Tuesday, 30 August 2011

We'll take it higher and higher

As I told you guys in my previous blog, after my first day of college, Effy and I were going to The Blackout Gig.
So straight after college, we rushed into town which is like half and hour away from my college and decided to wait inside the cinema as it was pouring of rain! typical Scotland...as we were waiting for my big sister Nicole, she was coming to the gig too. So after waiting a whole bloody hour for her! she finally arrived and we all met up and headed for the O2 abc where the Blackout were playing in Glasgow :D Before we got there we took a little detour into a shop to get some juice and sweets for waiting in the que, as none of us had eaten or drank all day! I know I know, stupid thing to do if you are going to a gig and will need lots of energy! Anyway when we got to the que it was pretty short which was great as I NEED to be at the front of every gig I go to! So we met up with two girls from my college ( They are also twins )  who we found out were going to the gig to which was good. We talked to them for like 2 hours while waiting for the gig to start and found out we all have so much in common which is so strange haha. Then we finally got let in to the venue and we all ran up the 4 flights of stairs and were only one person away from the barrier which was amazing! Anyway the gig was brilliant as expected and The Blackout sang all of myself and Effy's favourite songs and we danced our little hearts out! Sean smith was still as phit as ever! and I took hundreds of photos and videos. It was one of the best gigs I have ever been too and I am so glad I went! I will show you guys some of the photos as I cant possibly upload them all as there is like 200 D: haha x

outside the abc <3

My ticket after the gig! x


Sean Smith Screaming his heart out

What a babe! xx

Gavin singing his heart out x

Sean <3 x

Love you guys xx

Emilie xox

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