Monday, 15 August 2011

Two hearts with accurate devotions!

Hello Everyone (:

Sorry I haven't blogged recently, just been really busy with getting things ready for college. So last Thursday I went a little trip up to EK shopping centre with Effy and Coley to do some last minute shopping. The first we did when we got there was go to Starbucks! typical haha. We ended up having a really deep conversation about what we are doing when we are older, like travelling etc... I love when we all have these discussions as it makes me hopeful and excited about the future. Anyways, we walked around for a while just looking in random shops and trying clothes on, i bought a blouse from International for college, its really good quality material and looks good on. I forgot to take a photo and its in the washing now, sorry guys <3 We then went into Zara and Effy and myself both bought a dress and Coley bought a lovely blouse (:

This is what I wore and I actually looked good, until it started pouring of rain! and I got drenched D: Typical Scottish weather.

This is the dress I bought from Zara, It was £7.99 and its so lovely on and feels great to wear.

This is the dress Effy bought, it was also £7.99 (:

This is us trying on our dresses and the Blouse Coley bought :D <3

I also bought the latest issue of NME, as it had a Phit!!! poster of the Kings Of Leon and also some
 interesting interviews.

Well that was really all i did that day, was rather fun!

P.s still sticking to my diet and still doing well :D


Emilie xox

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