Friday, 5 August 2011

Strict Diet!!

I am actually tired of feeling FAT! So as of this Monday, I am on a strict diet! But what annoys me most about trying to diet is that I don't actually eat any junk food, so I don't know why I am not already the weight I want to be. I am a vegetarian and I don't eat rubbish food like McDonald's, KFC etc... I HATE greasy food, therefore it is extremely frustrating that I never lose weight. Luckily I am just about 6ft so I don't look fat usually in photos etc, but it doesn't stop me feeling fat!
Anyways I will be eating very healthy and exercising for 1 Hour everyday, so I shall keep you lovely people updated on how I get on (:

Wish me luck (yn) 
Emilie xox

This is the only recent photo of below my shoulders


  1. Loving your blog babe :) I'm also on a strict diet at the moment and I'm veggie too! Good luck :) xxx

  2. i need your willpower!xx

  3. That was the problem with me too i started taking less proportions of food <3 :) Btw i like your blog,i'm your new follower,would love if you follow back :)


  4. Aww thanks girls xx

    Bethany - Aww thanks babe :D aww awesome! there needs to be more veggies <3 love your blog too xxx

    Rach - Haha aww its more I'm just sick of being sick of feeling this way, if you put your mind to something I'm sure you will meet your goals xx

    Fraganica - Aww yeah, nice to know someone knows how I feel xx and aww that's so sweet babe and ofcourse I will :D xx

    Emilie xx