Saturday, 20 August 2011

Life goes on!

Hello :D

Sorry I haven't blogged recently, I have just been soooo busy with starting college and getting everything ready.

But anyways yesterday I went to visit my Granny in hospital, she was upbeat and looked so much happier which was great! After the hospital, myself, Effy, Mother and my Aunty Frances all went to Tesco to get a few little things. My mother and Frances got groceries and myself and Effy got a little pasta dish to eat as we are still on our diets they were a £1 each so a bargain haha. After Tesco we popped over to Frances' house to get a few little things, she gave us a big jar of pennies as we are saving them all up for holiday next year, it was so kind of her :D Then she dropped us off and I got into my Pj's and watched Hocus Pocus with Effy, then went to bed.

This was me yesterday, sorry its a bad photo.

This is my nails painted in avon's pastel purple :D

Emilie xox

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