Monday, 15 August 2011


Hello my darlings!

So today was my first induction day at college, which is basically filling in forms, meeting your class mates and getting your student ID. To be honest today I wasn't really nervous as I have been to college before and I am really chatty. I actually had LOTS of fun today as everyone I met was really really lovely! it took a while to fill in the documents and stuff but it was quite funny haha. Then I went to get my student ID and the guy taking the photo didn't tell me he was about to take it, so I didn't smile, therefore I look mundane in my photo haha, but its all good because at least my hair looks good :D After my induction Myself, Effy and Coley all went down to town and we all bought a little 2012 diary planner for all our performances and dates (:
Here are some pics of today

This is me after I finished my hair, and make up (:

And again :D

Close up :D

This is me just leaving to get the bus x
never mind my face D:

This is Effy ready to leave! xxx

This is Coley in full, she burst out laughing during it haha x

These are the little diaries we bought, mine is the blue

Oh and this is to show my OCD routines haha, all my make up and hair stuff set out ready for the morning!

Anyway guys, im off to watch true blood
love you all

Emile xox


  1. Sounds like you had a really good day! Hair looks lovely and I love the diaries! :)

    Leigh xxxx

  2. LeighFreda - Aww thanks you I really did :D and aww bless! thank you so much :D <3 xxx

    Jazzy E - Aww thanks hun xx

    Emilie xox