Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Hey Hey It's A Beautiful Morning!

Hello amazing people!!

Well to start off my day, I woke up lovely and refreshed to a beautiful sunny morning! which is a rare occurrence in Scotland! Anyways I was really tired from all that shopping yesterday that I just wanted to have a relaxing day and not really do much and that is exactly what I did. I lazed about all morning just watching T.V and tidying my room, then I had a lovely healthy breakfast ( sticking to my diet ) which is also a rare occurrence as I NEVER eat breakfast, but in order to lose weight you have to eat breakfast, so I had weatabix with banana and a little drop of milk as I cant stand milk haha. In the afternoon Coley facebook'ed me asking if Effy and myself would like to goto ASDA, ofcourse I said yes! We all got the bus to ASDA and Coley got a lot of little nail varnishes which are the new George range and to be quite honest are very good! and they only cost her £1 each, she ended up getting 7 I think haha and I got some more cereal bars to help on my diet. After ASDA, Effy and I, went to Coley's house for and hour or so and we all had a good catch up and a laugh. Then we came home and Effy and I had some healthy "mums home made soup" which was lovely and I had my Vitamin. Now I am just going to write this finishing this blog, going to watch tool academy then paint my nails for tomorrow. Oh and from now on at the end of all my blog's I will make a list of all the things I have eaten to show you guys how I am getting on with my diet :D

Eaten today:
Wetabix with banana
Vegetable Soup
2x pomegranate ceral bar
Starbucks strawberry frapachino

Emilie xox

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