Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Break on through to the other side.

Hello x

Okay guys, since I have already posted 2 blogs today. I thought I would just sum up the last couple of days in this blog to save me having to write like 10 separate blogs.

So my aunty Frances gave me and Effy her brand new Kindle as she prefers to read an actual book and I must say it is amazing! It is so much easier than taking a book about with you and its very light and slim and cute haha and it means if you get bored with reading the one book you can always just change to another book :D It also came with a cute little case to protect it. It was so kind of her to gives us it and I absolutely love it :) xx

We named it Mayhew! xx

I also when to visit my Gran again on Friday. She was looking so much better and happier and we all ended up reminiscing about past memories (:

My outfit on Friday (:

Never mind how messy the dressing table is haha x

Before we went to visit my Gran on Friday Myself, Effy and my big sister Nicole all went into town and got a few thing. And myself and Effy also found the most amazing court shoes that we plan on buying this saturday :D

The Fanta flavoured chap stick my big sister bought me :P xx

And again x

We also bought shower gel, conditioner and mouthwash lol x

These are the court boots im going to buy :D
They are only £40, cant wait to buy them xx

That night Effy and I just lay in bed waiting Criminal minds as Coley kindly let us have a loan of her full season boxset :D

Coley's Boxset xx

Saturday I just finished sorting some things like my room and that and went to visit my Gran on Sunday again. Then on Monday I started college officially with my new time table and it was AMAZING! :D had today off and back in college tomorrow.

So that's pretty much it :)

Love you guys

Emilie xox

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  1. criminal minds <3
    i watch that on star world, and its awesome..