Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The bitter wind is blowing your heart into a storm!

Hey Hey Hey!!

Okay guys so I know its a bit later D: but I am finally blogging about the recent happenings.

So on Wednesday the 17th of August! Myself, Effy and Coley all started Stow college and officially became Theatre arts Students. When we first got there we met up the people we had met from our induction and they were all still so lovely, we all talked for a little while until it was half one and our class began. There was about 30 people in out class which is pretty big for an acting class but everyone was all chatting and getting along which was great. First off the lecturers introduced themselves and they were so nice, It was strange to have female lecturers instead of male, they were called Lisa-Jayne and Lea. They both told us what the course will involved and what we will be doing etc  and they gave us our timetables and other documents and stuff. Then we got a tour of the building and then we started out ice breakers. I was actually laughing so much during the ice breakers as everyone is put on the spot and has to think of improvisations and stuff but everyone was a good laugh :D
After college finished I had THE BLACKOUT GIG which myself and Effy had to rush into to attend haha but I will tell you all about that in my next blog. All in all though College was amazing and i love everyone in my class!


Emilie xox

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