Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Break on through to the other side.

Hello x

Okay guys, since I have already posted 2 blogs today. I thought I would just sum up the last couple of days in this blog to save me having to write like 10 separate blogs.

So my aunty Frances gave me and Effy her brand new Kindle as she prefers to read an actual book and I must say it is amazing! It is so much easier than taking a book about with you and its very light and slim and cute haha and it means if you get bored with reading the one book you can always just change to another book :D It also came with a cute little case to protect it. It was so kind of her to gives us it and I absolutely love it :) xx

We named it Mayhew! xx

I also when to visit my Gran again on Friday. She was looking so much better and happier and we all ended up reminiscing about past memories (:

My outfit on Friday (:

Never mind how messy the dressing table is haha x

Before we went to visit my Gran on Friday Myself, Effy and my big sister Nicole all went into town and got a few thing. And myself and Effy also found the most amazing court shoes that we plan on buying this saturday :D

The Fanta flavoured chap stick my big sister bought me :P xx

And again x

We also bought shower gel, conditioner and mouthwash lol x

These are the court boots im going to buy :D
They are only £40, cant wait to buy them xx

That night Effy and I just lay in bed waiting Criminal minds as Coley kindly let us have a loan of her full season boxset :D

Coley's Boxset xx

Saturday I just finished sorting some things like my room and that and went to visit my Gran on Sunday again. Then on Monday I started college officially with my new time table and it was AMAZING! :D had today off and back in college tomorrow.

So that's pretty much it :)

Love you guys

Emilie xox

We'll take it higher and higher

As I told you guys in my previous blog, after my first day of college, Effy and I were going to The Blackout Gig.
So straight after college, we rushed into town which is like half and hour away from my college and decided to wait inside the cinema as it was pouring of rain! typical Scotland...as we were waiting for my big sister Nicole, she was coming to the gig too. So after waiting a whole bloody hour for her! she finally arrived and we all met up and headed for the O2 abc where the Blackout were playing in Glasgow :D Before we got there we took a little detour into a shop to get some juice and sweets for waiting in the que, as none of us had eaten or drank all day! I know I know, stupid thing to do if you are going to a gig and will need lots of energy! Anyway when we got to the que it was pretty short which was great as I NEED to be at the front of every gig I go to! So we met up with two girls from my college ( They are also twins )  who we found out were going to the gig to which was good. We talked to them for like 2 hours while waiting for the gig to start and found out we all have so much in common which is so strange haha. Then we finally got let in to the venue and we all ran up the 4 flights of stairs and were only one person away from the barrier which was amazing! Anyway the gig was brilliant as expected and The Blackout sang all of myself and Effy's favourite songs and we danced our little hearts out! Sean smith was still as phit as ever! and I took hundreds of photos and videos. It was one of the best gigs I have ever been too and I am so glad I went! I will show you guys some of the photos as I cant possibly upload them all as there is like 200 D: haha x

outside the abc <3

My ticket after the gig! x


Sean Smith Screaming his heart out

What a babe! xx

Gavin singing his heart out x

Sean <3 x

Love you guys xx

Emilie xox

The bitter wind is blowing your heart into a storm!

Hey Hey Hey!!

Okay guys so I know its a bit later D: but I am finally blogging about the recent happenings.

So on Wednesday the 17th of August! Myself, Effy and Coley all started Stow college and officially became Theatre arts Students. When we first got there we met up the people we had met from our induction and they were all still so lovely, we all talked for a little while until it was half one and our class began. There was about 30 people in out class which is pretty big for an acting class but everyone was all chatting and getting along which was great. First off the lecturers introduced themselves and they were so nice, It was strange to have female lecturers instead of male, they were called Lisa-Jayne and Lea. They both told us what the course will involved and what we will be doing etc  and they gave us our timetables and other documents and stuff. Then we got a tour of the building and then we started out ice breakers. I was actually laughing so much during the ice breakers as everyone is put on the spot and has to think of improvisations and stuff but everyone was a good laugh :D
After college finished I had THE BLACKOUT GIG which myself and Effy had to rush into to attend haha but I will tell you all about that in my next blog. All in all though College was amazing and i love everyone in my class!


Emilie xox

Sunday, 28 August 2011

It's only forever.

Hello Strangers!

I honestly have not done a blog in ages! But I truly have been super busy, like you would not believe! and also it takes me so long to travel to and back from college I have no time when I come home! I miss having time haha
But I have LOADS to tell you guys! So I will deffo be blogging about it all tonight :D

Love you all <3

Emilie xox

Monday, 22 August 2011

I got one mile to go, On down the road

Hello people!

Okay so yesterday I just went to the hospital to visit my Granny and she was still doing well :) I wore my new Zara dress, and then Effy, Mother and My Aunty Frances all went to ASDA and got a few things. Myself and Effy bought Paloma Faiths album which was only a £1!!! what a bargain :D Then we just came home and I went to bed quite early as I was shattered haha :D x

My Zara dress.

And again.

Our Paloma Faith CD

Love you guys!

Emilie xox

Saturday, 20 August 2011

And its coming closer.

Afternoon Darlings :D

So today has pretty much been a lazy day! I didn't have anything planned so have just been sitting about all day doing little bits and bobs. Coley came up early as my mother was cutting her hair. It turned out lovely she looked  great :D Then myself, Effy and Coley all had a good gab and planned tomorrow as we are having a slumber, so there will probably be some photos for me to show you :D.  Then my Aunty Frances came over as my mother was also doing her hair, she was getting her extensions in and curled and that also turned out beautiful. Now myself and Effy are just making some scrapbooks and chatting and will probably watch a movie.
What are all you guys up to tonight?


Emilie xox

Life goes on!

Hello :D

Sorry I haven't blogged recently, I have just been soooo busy with starting college and getting everything ready.

But anyways yesterday I went to visit my Granny in hospital, she was upbeat and looked so much happier which was great! After the hospital, myself, Effy, Mother and my Aunty Frances all went to Tesco to get a few little things. My mother and Frances got groceries and myself and Effy got a little pasta dish to eat as we are still on our diets they were a £1 each so a bargain haha. After Tesco we popped over to Frances' house to get a few little things, she gave us a big jar of pennies as we are saving them all up for holiday next year, it was so kind of her :D Then she dropped us off and I got into my Pj's and watched Hocus Pocus with Effy, then went to bed.

This was me yesterday, sorry its a bad photo.

This is my nails painted in avon's pastel purple :D

Emilie xox

Monday, 15 August 2011


Hello my darlings!

So today was my first induction day at college, which is basically filling in forms, meeting your class mates and getting your student ID. To be honest today I wasn't really nervous as I have been to college before and I am really chatty. I actually had LOTS of fun today as everyone I met was really really lovely! it took a while to fill in the documents and stuff but it was quite funny haha. Then I went to get my student ID and the guy taking the photo didn't tell me he was about to take it, so I didn't smile, therefore I look mundane in my photo haha, but its all good because at least my hair looks good :D After my induction Myself, Effy and Coley all went down to town and we all bought a little 2012 diary planner for all our performances and dates (:
Here are some pics of today

This is me after I finished my hair, and make up (:

And again :D

Close up :D

This is me just leaving to get the bus x
never mind my face D:

This is Effy ready to leave! xxx

This is Coley in full, she burst out laughing during it haha x

These are the little diaries we bought, mine is the blue

Oh and this is to show my OCD routines haha, all my make up and hair stuff set out ready for the morning!

Anyway guys, im off to watch true blood
love you all

Emile xox

Two hearts with accurate devotions!

Hello Everyone (:

Sorry I haven't blogged recently, just been really busy with getting things ready for college. So last Thursday I went a little trip up to EK shopping centre with Effy and Coley to do some last minute shopping. The first we did when we got there was go to Starbucks! typical haha. We ended up having a really deep conversation about what we are doing when we are older, like travelling etc... I love when we all have these discussions as it makes me hopeful and excited about the future. Anyways, we walked around for a while just looking in random shops and trying clothes on, i bought a blouse from International for college, its really good quality material and looks good on. I forgot to take a photo and its in the washing now, sorry guys <3 We then went into Zara and Effy and myself both bought a dress and Coley bought a lovely blouse (:

This is what I wore and I actually looked good, until it started pouring of rain! and I got drenched D: Typical Scottish weather.

This is the dress I bought from Zara, It was £7.99 and its so lovely on and feels great to wear.

This is the dress Effy bought, it was also £7.99 (:

This is us trying on our dresses and the Blouse Coley bought :D <3

I also bought the latest issue of NME, as it had a Phit!!! poster of the Kings Of Leon and also some
 interesting interviews.

Well that was really all i did that day, was rather fun!

P.s still sticking to my diet and still doing well :D


Emilie xox

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Dog Days Are Over!

Oh My Goodness!!!

Okay guys so I have been sticking to my diet very well! and I have not eaten one single bit of rubbish or fatty foods. And.... I have already lost half a stone! HALF A BLOODY STONE :D I am actually so pleased! I just hope I continue to lose more weight ( fingers crossed ) But strangely I haven't started exercising yet, I am waiting on my back feeling better so I don't cause myself another injury, I hope I lose much more weight when I start exercising.

Eaten Today;
Wetabix with banana
pomegranate cereal bar
Savoury rice
Kiwi Activia yoghurt
Fruit Scone 

Emilie xox

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Hey Hey It's A Beautiful Morning!

Hello amazing people!!

Well to start off my day, I woke up lovely and refreshed to a beautiful sunny morning! which is a rare occurrence in Scotland! Anyways I was really tired from all that shopping yesterday that I just wanted to have a relaxing day and not really do much and that is exactly what I did. I lazed about all morning just watching T.V and tidying my room, then I had a lovely healthy breakfast ( sticking to my diet ) which is also a rare occurrence as I NEVER eat breakfast, but in order to lose weight you have to eat breakfast, so I had weatabix with banana and a little drop of milk as I cant stand milk haha. In the afternoon Coley facebook'ed me asking if Effy and myself would like to goto ASDA, ofcourse I said yes! We all got the bus to ASDA and Coley got a lot of little nail varnishes which are the new George range and to be quite honest are very good! and they only cost her £1 each, she ended up getting 7 I think haha and I got some more cereal bars to help on my diet. After ASDA, Effy and I, went to Coley's house for and hour or so and we all had a good catch up and a laugh. Then we came home and Effy and I had some healthy "mums home made soup" which was lovely and I had my Vitamin. Now I am just going to write this finishing this blog, going to watch tool academy then paint my nails for tomorrow. Oh and from now on at the end of all my blog's I will make a list of all the things I have eaten to show you guys how I am getting on with my diet :D

Eaten today:
Wetabix with banana
Vegetable Soup
2x pomegranate ceral bar
Starbucks strawberry frapachino

Emilie xox

Monday, 8 August 2011

What a wonderful day!!

Hello Everyone!!!!

Okay so I am actually on cloud nine for once and it feels great to feel happy for a change!
So today started with myself and Effy going to the doctors early which I was absolutely dying at, and i don't know why but for some strange reason, every time I have to go to the doctors I start to get theses knots in my stomach!!! Its horrible. Anyways, the doctor was really lovely and helpful but I couldn't help feeling he was giving Effy and I, a lecture on not eating properly as we are vegetarians! Its not our fault we don't eat meat...Goodness! So he prescribed some Iron and multi vitamins for us to try and get healthier which we have to take everyday and by the way....THEY BLOODY STINK!!.

Sorry the image is a bit blurry D:

So After the Doctors, Myself, Effy and my Mother went into town in search of books! We came across the little second hand book shop on Victoria Road, so we went in and straight away I found the book I have been searching for, for ages! "On The Road - Jack Kerouac" and it only cost me £2.49.. BARGAIN!
I also bought the first two books in the "Vampire Diaries" series.

I am so glad I got that cover for On The Road <3

After town Myself, Effy and my Father went a little trip to ASDA to get a few little things. We bought Company Magazine, Make up wipes, pomegranate vitality bars, and a strawberry starbucks drink (:  

Lastly, on the way home, we dropped into Coley's house to say hello and collect our Avon :D
we had ordered some nail varnishes and my mother got some brushes.

These our our nail varnishes, the are all pastel colours, except the pink one on its own, which is pearl shine!

These are the brushes my mother ordered (:

OH! and my amazing and lovely best friend Coley left a little "Well done on passing your exams" card in the avaon bag for myself and Effy, This actually made my day :D I love her sooo much xxxxx

Oh and as I forgot to blog yesterday, here is what I bought while in town. "Bump Its" which help to keep quiffs in your hair and I bought Effy and myself a black jumper for college.

These are the Bump Its Which I got from pound land!!!!

Sorry this blog was so bloody long, but I wanted to share my amazing day with all you sweet dears!
and P.s I am doing very well on my diet :D


Emilie xxxx

Friday, 5 August 2011

Strict Diet!!

I am actually tired of feeling FAT! So as of this Monday, I am on a strict diet! But what annoys me most about trying to diet is that I don't actually eat any junk food, so I don't know why I am not already the weight I want to be. I am a vegetarian and I don't eat rubbish food like McDonald's, KFC etc... I HATE greasy food, therefore it is extremely frustrating that I never lose weight. Luckily I am just about 6ft so I don't look fat usually in photos etc, but it doesn't stop me feeling fat!
Anyways I will be eating very healthy and exercising for 1 Hour everyday, so I shall keep you lovely people updated on how I get on (:

Wish me luck (yn) 
Emilie xox

This is the only recent photo of below my shoulders


Hey People x

Okay so tomorrow, Myself and Effy have decided to go shopping! Usually we end up spending all our money on 1 item from topshop or something but as we have been reading lots of blog's and have noticed people getting great bargains from charity shops! ( thrift store if your american lol )  we have agreed to overcome our fear of second hand things and brave going into some charity stores in hope to find some awesome little things :D
I will post photos of anything we buy tomorrow, including things not from charity shops!

Goodnight lovelies

Emilie xox

Im So Sick!!

Hey Guys and Girls

Urghh!! well I am soooo bloody unwell! I hate it & my dad is going to give me and Effy some money tomorrow to go shopping :D So here's hoping I feel better, because I hate missing an opportunity for some retail therapy.
I am thinking maybe I will purchase some make up for starting back college, as I need some more foundation. I love make up shopping of course, but I can never find the perfect foundation to match my skin tone as I am pale but not like white pale!!! -__-
anyways hope everyone is doing well and hopefully i get better soon!!

Emilie xox   

Thursday, 4 August 2011

She Is Suffering!!


So today I revived exam results for my Highers, and to be quite honest I am very pleased with my results as I passed and did much better than I thought, but I am really sick of having such bad cramp and feeling like I am dying. So this morning no matter what those results were, I really wouldn't have cared! And I hate saying that as my education is important to me, but last year in college was so stressful and a waste of time to be honest that im just glad it is over, but the way I am felling right now really doesn't help the situation!!!

Good Luck to everyone else!

Emilie xox