Saturday, 30 July 2011

Lovely Little Day!


Yesterday was a rather great day indeed. My poor Granny has been in hospital and myself and my twin sister, Effy, have been visiting her and taking her up a few little things to keep her happy, as it must be very mundane being stuck in a bleak and dreary hospital! Anyway we took her up some horror movie's ( which she loves! ) and some great books for her to have a gander at when she gets bored. I usually hate hospitals with a passion as I am a germaphobe but for some strange reason I have really been enjoying going to visit her. My aunty Frances and my mother were with us and after the visit we decided to go to ASDA to get a few odds and ends, Myself and Effy bought a little fruit tray and some other messages for the house, after ASDA, Frances decided to take us to her house for a little drink and she ended up giving us a bottle of expensive champagne!! ( Myself and Effy's favourite!!! ) and earlier that day, my gran had given us her copies of "Vogue" and "Company" :D All in all it was a GREAT day and we ended up getting some goodies at the end which is always lovely!


Our fruit and our bottle of amazing champagne <3

Myself holding the Champagne x

Company & Vogue :D x

           Emilie xox


  1. haha It truly was an awesome little day dear

    Ily <3
    hugs and kisses