Saturday, 30 July 2011

Hello World, I'm Your Wild Girl

 Okay so before I have to explain myself a thousand times, I thought I would give you a heads up!
Yes I am a twin (:
I have an identical twin sister - Effy -

Myself ( left ) & Effy ( right ) This was taken about two years ago (: however i still love this photograph <3

Myself ( Left ) & Effy ( Right ) This was taken about a week ago, and please excuse my messy hair as it        was extremely warm that day therefore my hair was a mess haha and Oh that's my mum smiling in the back thinking she is funny Lol

Emilie xox

Lovely Little Day!


Yesterday was a rather great day indeed. My poor Granny has been in hospital and myself and my twin sister, Effy, have been visiting her and taking her up a few little things to keep her happy, as it must be very mundane being stuck in a bleak and dreary hospital! Anyway we took her up some horror movie's ( which she loves! ) and some great books for her to have a gander at when she gets bored. I usually hate hospitals with a passion as I am a germaphobe but for some strange reason I have really been enjoying going to visit her. My aunty Frances and my mother were with us and after the visit we decided to go to ASDA to get a few odds and ends, Myself and Effy bought a little fruit tray and some other messages for the house, after ASDA, Frances decided to take us to her house for a little drink and she ended up giving us a bottle of expensive champagne!! ( Myself and Effy's favourite!!! ) and earlier that day, my gran had given us her copies of "Vogue" and "Company" :D All in all it was a GREAT day and we ended up getting some goodies at the end which is always lovely!


Our fruit and our bottle of amazing champagne <3

Myself holding the Champagne x

Company & Vogue :D x

           Emilie xox

Now Come One, Come All!!!

Hello guys and girls!
My name is Emilie, and I have decided to start to blog my every day occurrences in order that one day I can look back and remember exactly how I felt as I lived through the best years of my life ;).
So by all means feel free to comment and ask me questions as I am very open minded and would be happy to inform you of anything you'd like to know about me or my life.

"all that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost"

         Emilie xox