Saturday, 31 December 2011

It's a new dawn. It's a new day. It's a new life, for me!

Hello all you lovely people,

first off I want to wish you all a Happy New Year :D hope you are all having a great time and not getting too drunk haha. Okay so this year I want to actually start to stick to my new resolutions and make 2012 a much better year than 2011 which shall be hard as I had a great last year. Okay so here are my resolutions.

1 - achieve my goal weight by my 18th birthday which is 4 months and 16 days away.

2 - be much more positive about life and stop letting other people push their problems on to me I have enough of my own.

3 - make sure I write in my new journal everyday.

4 - sing more, I LOVE to sing and don't do if enough any more.

5 - Help around the house more, to help ease the stress of my mum and dad.

6 - and finally just be happy and make this year amazing!

So that's my resolutions and I intend to stick to them all :)

what are some of yours?

love you all

Emilie xox

Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone x

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got loads of nice things!
I thought I would do a blog showing you most of the thing I got as I plan on doing some reviews of the make up and products I got.

Okay to start with, this is all the things Effy bought me <3

L - R

17 photo flawless primer
Accessorize Molten copper nail varnish
Kate Moss Lipstick in red
MUA lipstick Glitter pink
MUA lipstick Pink

Sopa & Glory:

Feel good factor Spf 15 moisture lotion
Peaches and clean facial wash
Kick Ass concealer 

River Island make up bag

Leather bound journal

Soap & Glory Do a bubble take

The contents :)

This is the presents I bought for Effy:

Umberto Giannini

Inside the tin. Everything is so beautiful <3

Also a leather bound diary

Soap & Glory:

Glow Job tinted moisture lotion
Glow all out blusher
Trick or treatment concealer

MUA lipstick in Red

Clear travel make up bags

Presents from our best friend Coley:

Umberto Giannini Hair Kit

The contents

Ted Baker Vanity Beauty Case

The Contents

Dexter season 3 box set <3

Lush Christmas gift box

Inside :)  They smell beautiful x

Snow fair shower gel <3

Magic wand which also smells of snow fairy x

These gifts are from my lovely mum and dad <3:

No7 beauty vanity box! This is so amazing :D

The contents

Closer look

and again x

My mum bought me and Effy each a little one of these boxes and filled it with random little things :)

Inside the box -

how cute are those tweezers

and again :)

Fearne make up brushes

From my big sister Nicole:

Kings of leon documentary Talihina Sky <3!!!!

random beautiful little bath soaps and fizzer's

And again! xxx

Lip gloss's and candles

Finally our real Jesus bracelets modelled on my pasty arms D:

other little bracelets xx

A stunning photo journal <3

Inside! this is actually stunning <3 love it

And lastly from my aunty Frances and my Gran, just some little random things as they gave me money :)

random little PJ's :)

NYX glitter palette

Amazing black soap from Spain x

Jade goody perfume

Little socks x

A Random little box Frances gave us which now stores our earrings :)

Well that's everything we got =D, Effy and I will be getting our Ipods tomorrow, cant wait
hope you all got amazing things

Love you all

Emilie xox

Hey Big Splendour

Hello guys and girls x

I forgot to do this quick little blog to show you and early Christmas present myself and Effy revived :)
As you all know myself and Effy are big Soap & Glory fans, so when we received the S&G Big Splendour gift set we were over the moon :D

The bag is massive and fit so much stuff in it
Its so pretty :)

The contents!
We love everything! and have already tried everything out, its all amazing :D

Absolutely love this gift and S&G products :)

Emilie xox

Friday, 23 December 2011

I won something :O!

Hey everyone

So this week has been a very good week for me as a matter of fact! Having the gig and genuinely enjoying college but for the first time ever I actually won something hah! One of the blogs I read quite frequently "Tokki & Oliver" was having a give away back in like mid December and the prize was one of 3 goodies bags and to my luck I won :) The parcel arrived this morning and I was super excited to open it . Inside the package was 7 perfectly wrapped make up products and a little note.

My parcel x

Wrapped so pretty x

The contents

A colour design lipstick in visionary sheen

Darker than my normal shade but actually suits me quite well to be honest :)

Revlon mix or mingle lips gloss in hello honey

Lovely colour and texture and smells lovely x

Revlon Green glitter nail varnish in apple fizz this nail varnish actually smells like apples its beautiful

sorry about the bad pic

Mini Bourjois eye shadow powder in Glittery grey :)

so lovely x

Liz Earle perfume in botanical essence
To be honest this is alot stronger than the perfume i tend to wear but is still nice :)

Coconut body soufflĂ©

Manicure cuticle exfoliator

The little note I also received which was so cute!

Thank you so much Sure for making my day I love my little present, make sure to follow

Emilie xox